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Terms for EMNMART Rewards

     1.       In order to receive referral points, friends referred by members must be new to EMNMART and not already registered with EMNMART.

     2.       Members will be eligible to get referral points only if the referred friend clicks the invitation email or member’s personalized link to place an order from Emnmart.com. If a member’s order is not completed successfully, (due to non-payment, cancellation, non-delivery, return), then user will not be eligible for the points received against this order

     3.       If a referred friend’s order is not completed (due to non-payment, cancellation, non-delivery, return), the user will not be eligible for the referral points received against this order

     4.       If a member initiates a return request for a part or whole of his order, reward points corresponding to the amount will be immediately reversed. In case, member's return request is rejected, the points will not be credited back into his account.

     5.       Any fraud or abuse concerning the Program is subject to strict administrative and / or legal action by the Easy Media Network Pvt. Ltd., including but not limited to termination of membership. A fraud encompasses:

                     A.       If a member is found referring himself using multiple IDs / phone numbers?

                     B.       If a member is found placing large orders, earning and redeeming points and then returning a major part of the order.

                     C.       If a member is found making multiple successful referrals and redeeming his referral points and then a majority of your referrals return the order.

                     D.       Any other attempt to take unfair advantage of the Rewards Program.

     6.       No reward points shall be issued in case of Bulk orders.

     7.       Earned points cannot be exchanged for cash.

     8.       The Company reserves the rights to terminate the Program at any time and / or change, modify, withdraw or extend the Program and/or Terms and Conditions or replace it wholly or partially by another program, without any prior notice and/or correspondence in this regard. Members will be deemed to have accepted such changes by continuing to be the part of EMNMART Rewards program.

     9.       Gifts redeemed from the rewards catalog are non-returnable and non-exchangeable.

     10.     Participation in the Rewards program requires you to submit personal information about you and your friends (name and email address). Members agree to receive message updates from us with regard to their participation in the Rewards program and to allow us to communicate with their referrals regarding their participation (like by informing member’s friends that an invite was sent by him).